Our Projects

Construction of Bonthe Jetty - Sherbo Island

Construction of a 200m long jetty at the historic Sherbo Island. This was a logistically challenging project as island is only accessible by boat! In addition to the utilization of piled foundations - unusual in Sierra Leone

Construction of Ebola Treatment Centre

At the height of the Ebola Crisis, DFID contracted us to construct a 100 bed treatment centre. The project was completed within 5 weeks

Construction of Helicopter Terminal & Landing Pad

As part of GOSL's Airport Transfer Project, we executed the construction of a Helicopter Terminal and Landing Pads for the Ministry of Transport & Aviation

Construction of Makeni Government Hospital

A collection of 20 single & double storey buildings constructed for the Ministry of Health, as part of the of the Makeni Government Hospital project

Procurement & Installation of Solar Power Sytems

IPCS carried out the supply, installation & commissioning of solar power systems at various barracks of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces

Procurement & Installation of Bulk Water Storage Tanks & Water Supply Pipes

We supplied and installed bulk water storage tanks (30,000 gallons capacity) & water distribution networks for the Sierra Leone Armed Forces and Njala University

Procurement of Vehicles & Spare Parts

We have procured various vehicles and held spare parts supply contracts with the Ministry of Defence and the Sierra Leone Police 

Supply of Building Materials & PPE

We've successfully completed building materials supply contracts to the Government of Sierra Leone, DFID & to various mining companies and NGO's.

Construction of NASSIT headquaters

Executed the construction of the NASSIT HQ building in Kenema.